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A new marketing strategy The Pheeds Funnel
(09-12-2020, 02:03 AM)Kurt Wrote: It's now each person's choice. For me as a seller I'm fine with this and I'm now treating people how I want to be treated. Give me a choice.

You can see a Pheeds Funnel in action here on the new Domain Royale Method sales page:

What do you think of this as a customer?

And can this be improved? Could a discount be offered for people that choose the funnel?
It's great.

Keeping in mind that you are selling a product for both new Domainers and seasoned Domainers that are used to funnels, so they will understand the concept.

As a customer that is not familiar with funnels they may think that the additional upsells are mandatory to take full advantage of the product. Sometimes we see the question "Is there anything else to buy that is required for the product to work?"

I as a seller would add a statement that the upsells are "not" required, yet give you the Domainer's advantages, etc." Something like that.
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