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Covid 19 Survival "caring"marketing Ideas
Fortune 500 Companies are actively emailing their client base with 'We See You' types of emails that are purposed to convey the respective companies sense of concern. Some of the companies explain that employees traditionally in the field are now conducting online chats, webinars, etc. in the stead of the traditional face-to-face meetups.

Digital Marketing Courses are being promoted by many Digital Marketers at the moment. The reasoning is that more people are 'home locked' theses days compared to people that were not 'home locked' before the COVID-19 and thus are enabled to enroll in Digital Marketing Courses.

All in all, the target market considers that to be logical and acceptable.

The savvy Digital Marketer finds a way to promote both the Fortune 500 Companies and the Digital Marketing Courses.

Fortune 500 Companies, for starters, are actively seeking contractors to train employees to work-at-home.

Digital Marketing Courses, for starters, are actively seeking Digital Marketers to promote the courses, aka affiliates.

All in all, monetarily the customer has nothing to lose if they are not required to spend money, ex: free course.

Enter the upsell. That usually requires the customer to spend money and like Kurt said... "I'm not sure people are spending money, or if they should."
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