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How would you design these postcards?
A little while ago I was browsing eBay and saw a good deal on jumbo postcards. Each is 8.5 x 5.5.

Here's the situation. Let's say I have a domain for sale like and I want to snail mail every bike shop in the USA named Mike's Bikes.

Research shows there's 10 of them across the country.

How would you design the postcards to get the best chance to sell this domain name?

In another thread we talked about a book called "The Power to Get In". It uses what's known as "internal and external leverage". I believe external leverage would be really effective on the postcard since a domain name has built-in scarcity since there's only one.

Something like:

I'm also sending this opportunity to:

Mike's Bikes in Denver
Mike's Bikes in Wooster
Mike's Bikes in Boston
Mike's Bikes in Sacramento
Mike's Bikes in Omaha

...and only one can get it.

Do you agree? What else would you put on a big postcard? I have decent graphic skills and a printer. Any design or copy suggestions?
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