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How long have you had your present phone number and main email address?
I've had this phone number about 3 years. I've had the same "main" AOL email address for 24 years. Why AOL? When I first got online I was fairly migrant and wanted a service I could use anywhere I went, which pretty much ment AOL. I have told people through the years I will always have the same email (if I can) but can't promise my phone number won't change.

I know people make fun of AOL email addresses, but after 24+ years at least you know where to find me to make fun of me. Smile

The "gurus" say you should brand yourself with your email and they're not wrong. But one advantage of a third party domain name is if/when your hosting with your custom email goes down, so not only is your site down but so is your email so no one can contact you.
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I've had my AOL email account since the mid '90s and one mobile phone number (German) also for a very long time.

Branding wise, what I do is use my website's email domain and forward the emails to a 3rd party such as Google. With Google you can configure out-going emails with your domain and only a real sleuth can tell the difference.
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When our Candle Shop Business in one of York's main tourist streets crashed in 2011, following the awful Winter conditions at our peak period Nov/Dec 2010, we had to sell our house, car, plus almost everything, and use our life savings to pay off the shop debts. So in April 2012 we moved into this little rented Bungalow. Since then we've had BT Broadband so have BT emeil addresses. I've had the same mobile (an LG Spirit) for about 5 years now too - but, BT is expensive at £67 a month and they just keep putting up prices for established customers whilst giving new customers the deals. So I WILL be changing my EMail some time soon and leaving BT for the York Super Fibre option. Less thn half the price but shoddily installed as far as their cabling goes. That is my worry, but other people locally seem to be getting by alright so maybe it's settled down.
 Long reply, but I had time - if you have!!  Wink  My wife and I use Vigin Media for our phones.
John, Yok,  UK
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I see it's been a while, but I would like to help. One thing to check is whether you have the latest version of the app installed. I needed to update another app Smart Engines I installed recently to use; don't worry, it's a quick process. Sometimes, app updates can fix bugs or issues with previous versions. You might also want to try closing the app entirely and reopening it to see if it helps.
If those steps don't work, you may contact the Ride Command support team for assistance.
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