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Goodbye Kenny Rogers

I loved Kenny growing up even though I hated country music. I'll have to get out the greatest hits album I listened to as a teenager and into the adult years and listen again to celebrate his music. I haven't listened in a long time.

All the good ones (subjective I know) are leaving us too soon.
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He is one of my favorites. RIP Kenny.
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Kenny Rogers had a big impact on Las Vegas. Steve Wynn (the casino owner) signed Kenny to play at the Golden Nugget when downtown Las Vegas was really hurting, with all the business going to the newer, bigger casinos on the Strip. Kenny was so successful at drawing people to the Nugget that it gave Wynn the capital to build other casinos like the Mirage, Treasure Island and Bellagio.

It's too bad Las Vegas is closed now, it likely would have given him a big tribute (not that this is the most important issue now with LV) and many locals there credit him with saving Downtown Las Vegas.

Plus, he made pretty good chicken too.
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I never met Kenny myself, but I knew a friend of his that once said Kenny was a good Texan and made damn good chicken. Kris Kristofferson no less.
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