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When I was young...
Growing up in a small country town in southern Alabama I spent a lot of my time at the town's only country store playing checkers on the front porch with guys three to six times my age. I miss their wisdom.

As I got into my young teens I also spent a lot of time at the town's only barber shop which was more of an excuse to discuss sports and I learned how to shine shoes as well as how to cut hair. I was the shoe shine boy and the only sober barber most weekends. I miss the easygoing lifestyle.

Catfish frys was a source of income for a while. Soldiers and their families from the local military base would spend the day eating, a little fishing and where I met the town Mayor. The Mayor introduced me to The Chamber of Commerce.  There, I learned how to buy my own land and later opened my own fishing and hunting camps.

Today, if I had to do it all over, I wouldn't change a thing except for my run in with the Wright sister's father. Wink
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