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The Pheeds New Affiliate Program
Official Pheeds Forum Membership Launch/Grand Opening

The Video VIP is a private part of the Pheeds forum that combines about 10 quality video marketing and making products along with a private forum for video.

Almost all of the products have been sold individually and haven't been created just as worthless "special bonuses".

Nickel Sale: Price goes up 5 cents for every sale. I may change this from time to time if I think it will help our sales.

Starting Price: $18.99

Ending Price: $27.95 (Although I may pause this from time to time .)

Commissions: 50%

Affiliate Platform: Warrior+Plus

Sales Pages and More Info:

You have a choice of two sales pages. Each sales page has more info about all the products included:
"Bottomless" Pheeds Funnel!

There are other products and private memberships in this same offer. And I'll add more in the future. This means if you're an affiliate for one of them you'll make commissions for sale for all the products too.

If you send folks to one of the Video VIP sales pages and they buy anything else from the Pheeds Forum, you'll also get paid for these sales for as long as they have your affiliate cookie.

Other Products from Pheeds Included in the Bottomless Funnel:

    Pheed Me Traffic System
    Kings and Queens of Content VIP Access and Downloads

I'll have special launch nickel sales for these too in the near future to give you even more opportunities.

I Use Raw Links!

I use "raw" links whenever I email or post an offer on social media.

This means I don't use my own affiliate link and if someone already has your Pheeds Forum cookie you'll also get credit for any sales I make later.

Some other product vendors use their own affiliate links for their own products so they overwrite your cookies with theirs. You sent the person to Pheeds so if they hang around we'll continue to share the sales.

Get and spend Cow Chips just for being a Pheeds Phorum member...
(Never let anyone tell you that you shouldn't spend them all in one place.)
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