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About the County Fair
Only County Fair members can post new threads in this County Fair forum.
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A County Fair membership is 250 Cow Chips for one day (24 hours) to post a new thread. After your membership expires only your abiilty to post a new thread expires, your County Fair thread will still remain (if it's accepted).

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County Fair Forum Rules and Guidelines:
  • You may only make one post per County Fair subscription and only have one County Fair subscription active at a time. In other words, only one post per day max.

  • All new threads must have "substantial" value as decided on by the Pheeds Mod Squad. In return you can claim the first reply post as an ad.

  • New threads are moderated and must meet approval standards before they are posted.

  • Your first thread must be complete and must not require any further action, such as asking for a PM or an email squeeze page, other than a direct download link if necessary.

  • All first posts must be original content and not PLR, white label, copy/pasted from elswhere, etc.

  • If your offer is accepted, you can add a 350 word "ad" as the second post.

  • Affiliate links are allowed in ad posts but must be clearly marked with (AFF).

  • No special fonts or characters. You can use bold for your headline and URL/link.

  • You may edit/change the ad post any time.

  • Only one link per ad and one offer per ad post.

All ad/second posts must use this format:

Headline in Bold

Up to about 500 characters or 75 words in the body.

With no more than one paragraph break in the body text.

One line with one link


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Some ideas/examples for County Fair threads:

1st Post (Content) -
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1st Post (Content) - Here's Chapter 3 from my "Super Duper SEO System".

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1st Post (Content) - Download a lite version of my software here.

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1st Post (Content) - This is a "How to" post telling you how to do something really cool with WordPress.

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