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How would you design these postcards?
Over the years i've had the scarcity thing pulled on me almost every single day. I guarantee you it works. I cannot believe
what I have wasted money on because of that.

As time went on I got better at detecting it and today it still gets me. I've been online 22 years.

If you tell people others are gonna get this thing and they are not then chances are they WILL react IMHO and based on my own experience.
Unless you contact someone who has been contacted thousands of times over a period of years you probably are not going to get
a mad rager.

Its possible but I highly doubt it when we are talking about brick and morter businesses at least. They get contacted a lot but not near
as much as a online marketer would.
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How would you design these postcards? - by Kurt - 02-28-2020, 05:31 AM
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