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How Do You Trust Someone You Hire?
How do you trust someone to work on your site that you don't know and have to give them your passwords? tia
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Assuming you mean giving the 'someone' access to your website, i.e. login credentials to your website's control panel, FTP account, etc.?

In my experience, I only hire people from word-of-mouth. In other words, a trusted colleague's recommendation. The covet is I often employ part-time webmasters (summer and holiday months) from our local college without a trusted colleague's recommendation based on the college's recommendation. That usually entails the college's placement program.

Now, if you are referring to a site like fiver, freelancer, upwork, etc. then I can't offer any experienced advise. However, you can grant temporary credentials to anyone. See your website's host guides for instructions. Personally, I would not trust anyone from those sites without a trusted recommendation from a colleague. But that is just me.
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I've worked with 3 developers so far. Funny thing, I went through all 3 on the same project (hired and fired 2 before finding one I liked).

I created a separate user for them to access the website (wordpress site).

The first person I hired was off of an outsourcer site. I didn't do enough screening and hired someone completely incompetent. The other 2 were off a different outsourcer website. I cut the list of candidates down to 10 or so and did skype interviews with each. Narrowed that list to 2 and let the client choose which one they wanted.

Their pick didn't work out so I fired them and went with the one I should've chosen in the first place. The guy does good work as long as you provide the copy and at a very reasonable price. He'll support the site for 1 year for free. He lives in India so there is a bit of a time difference if you're in the US. I've had him do an ecom site from scratch, redesign a website for a wedding venue, fix a lot of my scrrew ups with wordpress, and design a logo. He's done enough to earn my trust.

If Kurt doesn't mind and if you still need a designer, let me know and I can share his info with you or anyone in this forum who is looking for a web designer. I don't do many websites for clients at the moment so I don't mind sending work his way. He also does logos dirt cheap.
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