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Friends with Benefits? Refer-a-Friend links
It's been frustrating over the years to not be able to post refer a friend links in other forums that will save people money because they are considered "affiliate links".

If you have a "refer-a-friend" link for a service/product that's of interest to IMers, post them here only please.

Thread Rules:
  • Check your Cow Chips account for requirements to post here.

  • One Refer A Friend post per week per member.

  • One offer per post (Except in my first reply below).

  • Anyone that uses your link will get some kind of discount or special apart from the regular price.

  • State what the other member will get and what you get, just be open about the offer.

  • No affiliate links - there's a difference.
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Friends with Benefits? Refer-a-Friend links - by Kurt - 01-06-2020, 04:35 AM

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