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Do Not Make This Mistake
Even though I'm an old (emphasis on old) IT guy, I rarely will make a public declaration against software or devices. That may change because I'm about to start doing technology reviews but it takes a lot for me to be upset enough to tell everyone. 

I made a huge mistake last night. I bought a silent mouse to replace an aging one that needs to be put out of its misery.

I had never heard of a silent mouse but figured it was, well, silent. Since I work during the night most nights due to time zone differences, I am always afraid my clicking and clacking will keep people up. 

So I decided to try it.

I hated it immediately. I was buying something this morning, for example, and wound up clicking the link twice since I didn't get the sound feedback. 

So, I bought a good old fashioned loud mouse and I'm happy again. But, I'm positive that if I had to work a whole day with that silent mouse, I would be locked up either in jail or a mental hospital. It was not fun.

You've been warned. Stay far away from these evil devices that must have been sown in the depths of hell to bring misery to mankind. Smile
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