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#1 Premium Domain Name
Plus Custom Turnkey Business and Marketing Site for You is an extremely brandable 5 letter domain name that makes a pronounceable "word" that can be used for a number of profitable niches:
  • Healthy food and living

  • Raising kids

  • Brainstorming / Consulting

  • Education

  • Investments

  • Gardening

  • Self improvement and personal growth

  • Real Estate

  • Business/Internet Marketing

...and just about any other topic where you want to really stand out from the crowd.

You don't see domains like this very often. is an extremely valuable all on its own.

Ready for You To Move in NOW

You're not only getting, you're also getting a versatile and high-powered foundation for your site built from the ground up by me for marketers. Plus marketing resources, training, custom software and more, all ready for you to move in right now.

Wordpress Installed with You Business Owners in Mind

Divi Custom Theme Installed - The most popular and flexible premium WP theme use by business owners.,

Customize Divi any way your want or choose from one of 152 niche layouts. Just let me know and I'll install one of them in WP to get you started quickly and looking good. (The license I have allows this so we're both legal.)

Or choose from the "Extra" magazine premium WP theme, another great theme from Elegant Themes.

Divi Custom Page Builder - Divi also has a fantastic drag and drop page designer you can use on any WP theme you want.

Layered Popups Premium WordPress Plugin - Capture more emails and get more actions. This is the best exit pop option I've found, so I bought a license just for It creates great looking animated popups and it has the control you need in a popup manager to maximize your results..

Have Your Own Online Store Selling Physical Products with WooCommerce...and Make it Pretty with the Special Divi WooCommerce Product Template

WooCommerce lets you set up your own product shop using WP. But the product templates look pretty bad on your pages. Divi for WooCommerce solves this problem and creates create looking product tempates.

Did you know you can connect a print on demand service like Printful and just create designs for tees, mugs and hundreds more physical products and totally automate the entire order and shipping service for you?

There's some tricks for automating your Print On Demand business
you'll discover in the POD Treasure Maps and private forum.

Sell and Create Digital Products, Memberships, Recruit Affiliates and Have A Download Delivery System and Support Platform Up in Minutes

Pheeders Membership Maker and MYBB Forum Installed and Ready to Go

If you have a product listed on WarriorPlus, it will take about 5 minutes to add it to your forum using Pheeders Membership Maker. I created a special plugin for MYBB that you can't get anywhere else. It connects your MYBB forum with the Warrior+Plus affiliate platformm.

This gives you two robust benefits:

  1. You can pay affiliates to promote your forum.

  2. You can create VIP memberships and use private paid forums to access your downloads and a combination of both.

Plus your MYBB forum is set up and ready to use as a download manager and support system for your WarriorPlus products.

Your MYBB Forum Gives You All These Options Too:
  • Build a community.

  • Benefit from content created by other people.

  • Use your Seedz forum's private message system. You can broadcast messages to all users, certain groups...or use it as a private communication system for supporting clients and customers. Again, it's ready-to-go with your MYBB forum.

  • Polls Are a Marketer's Friend - Want to know what products or content you should make next? Start a poll. Which logo do people like better? Start a poll. Polling is one of a marketers greatest tools and MYBB has a robust polling system already included for you.

Plus About a Dozen Hand-Picked Marketing Plugins for your MYBB forum are installed and ready to go..

There's only one First come, the only one served.

Contact me through this forum, either PM or post below and we'll work out the details.

$1195 OBO
We can set up an escrow for transfer if you want and split the fee.

Note: must be moved to your own hosting.
If you have cPanel this should be pretty easy and any decent host should do it for free
If not, I'll do a manual install on your hosting.

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