Custom GPTs & Prompts

Makes AI smarter with a single click.

The Pheeds Custom GPTs make ChatGPT even more powerful and dynamic, are super-easy to use and are totally FREE. (You need a ChatGPT Pro account for $20 a month)

Special Product Making Prompt Silo

Includes brilliant "paint by numbers" prompt system to design printed products for fun & profit.

Prompt Silo - Special VIP Version (Members Only)

Prompt Silo Free Version


Xtreme AI Version of the Content Silo & Group

Extensive Blend of Content Creation Resources and Potent Prompts for AI.

A vast collection of FREE resources in the Public Domain. Use them for products,

Articles, Tips & Reviews

Discover unique ideas, strategies and tools.

Best Deal: SEO Writing AI Tool for Web Content - Highly recommended AI tool for creating various content types, including long-form pieces and product lists. Optimizes for SEO, auto-posting to WordPress, bonuses and more.

Secret Divi Benefit Hidden in Plain Sight - Uncover how Divi from Elegant Themes can boost your earnings through WordPress site sales and access resources to improve your web design skills.

Using Free SEO Tools and AI for Content - Learn to use SEO and AI for content creation, including finding profitable keywords, writing compelling articles, and using strong calls to action to improve content strategies.

I Asked ChatGPT How to Use It to Write Articles - A guide on using ChatGPT for article writing, highlighting Tool Silo for formatting ChatGPT content for web posting.

How to Find Keyword Domain Names with Free Tools and AI - Learn to use keyword research and AI, with unique Pheeds tools.

Improving Affiliate Marketing with AI Prompts - How to take your campaigns to the next level.

Amplify the Power of ChatGPT with Plugins Discover how ChatGPT plugins can aid content marketers in generating blog drafts, videos, images, and more.

PLR Content Hacks: How to Customize and Repurpose PLR Content with ChatGPT - Turn PLR content into web pages, lead magnets, calculators, and more with ChatGPT and other software.

How, When and Why You Should Optimize for Adsense and Not Google to Make More Money - Discover the secret strategy to make more money from your AI content by optimizing it for Adsense instead of Google.

Pheeds Members & VIPs

Kings & Queens of Content VIP Advantages

VIP members of the Kings and Queens of Content Club have access to exclusive tools, tips, secrets and strategies for creating content and products.

Unique Recipes Uncover Valuable Domain Names

Ingenious "Cookbook" Uncovers Valuable Domain Names

Domain names are great investments, with low investment and the potential for huge returns on investment.

The Domain Royale Cookbook is a collection of step-by-step "recipes" to uncover valuable domain names you can buy, sell, develop, flip and more.

MASSIVE Library of Public Domain Resources

A treasure trove of assets for fun and profit

A vast collection of FREE resources in the Public Domain. Use them for products, content, crafts and more.

Some smart people are even combining Public Domain materials with artificial intelligence for unlimited possibilities.

Pheeds Partners and JVs

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recommending Pheeds.

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