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Easy way to find domain names with a link advantage - Kurt - 04-15-2022

For small niche sites that focus on low competition keywords, having a site with a link from could be a real advantage.

This method uses free tools to find domains available to register for the minimum price that have a link from Wikipedia.

Find Wikipedia pages with broken links:

Assuming you've done some good keyword research, run your keywords along with the more general versions of your keywords through.

Visit the pages Wikipedia pages that have a Dead Link button.

If the page looks like it is a good content match for your site and has sharable content:
  1. View the html code for the page
  2. select all
  3. copy the entire page.

Extract the Domains:
Paste the Wikipedia page source code here:

Check which domain names are available:
Paste the list of extracted domain names into any bulk domain name checker.

Check if any interesting domains are on the Backlink Blacklist and remove any from your list that are:

See if has a record of the site.

Check if any pages are indexed in Google:

Check the link profile of the domain - Does it have any other links, good or bad?

If you find a domain name that stands out in your research, buy the domain name and recreate the page on your domain that has the link with original, quality content that matches the topic of the Wiki page and anchor text to the page. Even better if has a record of the page, but don't COPY (steal) that page. Just use it as an outline and improve on it.

Wikipedia links are Nofollow, but IMO they are still very potent. For one, it's possible Google makes an exception about Wikipedia nofollow links. Plus, even if a nofollow link doesn't pass "link juice", it may benefit an entire link profile. For example, a link from Medium or Wikipedia may not mean much alone, but together they may have a decent impact.

Wikipedia pages are the perfect "camouflage pages". If the Wikipedia page is relevant, you can pretty much post a link to it anywhere that lets you post links. It's probably a lot easier to boost the "value" with a link to a Wikipedia page than your own, with the Wiki page in turn passing some increased value to your own site.

I don't mean to create a full-on link campaign for the Wikepedia page. Just that a few links to that Wikipedia page to draw Google's attention to that page is probably a good thing, and very easy to do.