Full Version: The best (cheap) source of stock music I've found...
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I've posted about ClipChamp before and highly recommend it for text to speech. However, it's also the best source of stock audio I've found, and I've checked out at least a dozen other resources.

With the paid version, starting at $9 a month or $72 per year, they give you "unlimited audio", songs, music, efx. It also has a free no-hassle version where you can check out the premium audio files, but can't add them to your videos. And they do have some free audio files.

When I check stock audio sources I like to use the keyword "celtic" because it isn't the most popular form of music but it's not obscure either. ClipChamp's selection has both quality and quantity. Use your own search terms in various stock audio sites and compare price, selection and quality for yourself.
Good news. Bad news.

The bad: Clipchamp changed their pricing a bit. They raised the price of the "Essentials" level to $11.99 a month.

The good: In addition to the audio/music library, they are also now including the stock videos library. It's still a pretty good deal.