Full Version: The SEO Silo - Your Ultimate Keyword Toolkit
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Here's a new resource for you called the SEO Silo. It has links to tons and tons of the very best free keyword and SEO resources, all in one place.

The links on the top row are all to single resources.

The links on the bottom row all have drop-down menus with more links...except the last few links with colored buttons, which are links to my recommended resources and used in the Pheed Me Reviews report and training.

I included the work areas similar to the Content Silo to help you organize your research. Remember, these work areas are not permanent and they won't save your work. They are just for taking notes and combining lists, etc.

I had to put the HTML edit tools in the second row because the tool bar messed with the drop-down links from the navigation.

Both pages link to each other:

Pheeds SEO Silo

Pheeds Content Silo

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I added a link to my HUGE list of PheedWords keywords to the SEO Silo.

This list is part of the PheedMe Keywords Report and is a really valuable tool to start your niche research

You can get the Pheed Me Keywords Report, plus 3 other special reports, for free here:
You won't find these keyword, AI content writing, Quora & Traffic tips anywhere else