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What’s Coming in WordPress 6.0 (Features and Screenshots)

"In this article, we’ll give you a sneak peek into what’s coming in WordPress 6.0 with features and screenshots."

Where Are These Viral Social Media Platforms Now?

"From TikTok to Clubhouse to Lasso, it seems like new viral social media platforms are popping up every day. Furthermore, many of the ones that were once en vogue have suddenly waned in popularity. If you’re a marketer, keeping up with these trends can be difficult but necessary in building and maintaining a strong audience....And which ones are still worth investing in? Here’s what you need to know."

What Exactly is NFT Music?

"Music NFTs are the new frontier that has opened up for musicians and independent artists to make some serious dough. Simply put NFT music features a digital asset that incorporates a piece of music. It could include a tokenized version of a single song, an album, digital merchandise, an opportunity to meet artists, special tickets, or even a music video. The portfolio of NFT music will only depend on how the artist wants to structure and package the NFTs."

Google Tests New Search Feature Called ‘What People Are Saying’ And It’s Very Unique

"Google has reportedly begun the testing phase for a new search feature called ‘What People Are Saying’ and it’s unique, to say the least. The tech giant’s main objective with the new rollout is related to displaying search results that are mainly related to topic-based discussion forums that are featured online. "

Brave and DuckDuckGo Have Implemented The Ability To Bypass Google’s AMP Pages, Much To The Latter’s Chagrin

"The Brave and DuckDuckGo browsers have recently added updates that allow users to directly bypass AMP pages hosted by Google. "

Domain Names and SEO

"What’s the role of your chosen domain name on your future SEO strategy and visibility? This is one controversial question because it has been changing a lot throughout the years."

The “creator economy” is booming. So why do 35% of creators think they’ll quit making content?

"According to a recent state-of-creator report from Linktree, there are now more than 200 million creators making money from posting content to platforms like YouTube, TikTok, and Twitch...But how do those full-timers feel, both about their careers and about the platforms providing a place for those careers to (potentially) flourish?"

Avoid These 7 Easy But Stupid SEO Tactics

"There are a lot of articles promoting quick SEO fixes. Avoid these seven SEO tactics before they seriously hurt your long-term SEO performance."

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