Full Version: Don't choose keywords. Let keywords choose you or How to REALLY make money with SEO
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It's closing in on my 25th anniversary of SEO and pioneered (with others) a few of the more common SEO strategies and theories, some obsolete and others still used today.

Based on all of my experience and research, here's my advice if you want to actually make money with SEO:
Don't choose keywords. Let the keywords choose you!
What many of us do, including me, is to create a site based on a topic or niche we've selected for a variety of reasons. Then we research the best keywords for this niche.

IMO, keywords and related keyword clusters are niches. And the strategy I suggest is to dedicate a lot of time and effort to keyword research to determine the niches you should pursue. Spending a few hours a day for a week or longer, just brainstorming and plugging in ideas into your keyword research tools upfront gives you the highest long-term ROI on your investment of time and money.

Here's the "Secret"

Scour every root keyword you can think of, looking for the EASIEST keywords to rank for. They must also have additional value, see below. By concentrating on ONLY the weakest competition you can ignore virtually all the "advanced" SEO concepts and focus on basic onpage SEO and content creation.

The 3 Main Elements of Good Keywords
  • Traffic - How many people search using that keyword
  • Value - Some keywords are worth many times what others are.
  • Competition - How easy is it to actually rank for a given keyword?

I'll add a couple more:
  • Resources - How easily can you create content based on the keywords? Your knowledge? Can get a good domain name with an SEO edge?
  • Value to YOU - How can YOU convert traffic to cash? Your own products and services? Affiliate programs?

We'd all love to find a keyword with tons of traffic, with a CPC of $100 and zero competition, but they are few and far between. However, you can find tons of low competition keywords with trickles of traffic that can generate good revenue.

In your keyword tools, look for the lowest competition keywords that also have a minimun of:
  • 200 searches a month
  • $10 per sale

Again, these are the minimum numbers for consideration, but the potential for profit is starting about here.

Kurt's Requirements:
Can you help folks?
Can you make money?

There are a lot of topics to create content about, you need to have the mindset to focus on the keywords and topics that gie you the best chance to make money. Remember, if someone enters keywords into Google, they WANT something. And with low competition keywords, there isn't a lot of info or help available for them.

Here's some helpful related resources:
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This isn't a get rich quick scheme. It's a rinse and repeat strategy. It's about creating small, targeted websites that generate small revenue streams. It's about focusing on win/win content where you help folks in ways you can make money.

Of course, nothing is guaranteed. But with a solid game plan, a few tools, and a little intelligence and elbow grease, this is about the best bet in IM there is.