Full Version: Conceptual Video is a good example of the IM BS
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Conceptual Video is the latest release in the IM world. It's a "suite" of stock video clips and software to create videos using human emotions. I have a couple of issues with this offer.

One issue is this false claim on the sales page:
Quote:"Unique! This is the world’s first video suite that allows you to create mesmerizing videos based on emotion and idea!"

BS. Anyone that has known me or my products knows I have released a number of products that express human "trigger" emotions. There's my Video Gap System which details trigger emotions for writing video sales letters. I also offer a number of collections of animated characters that express these emotions. This is more of a personal vent of mine than the product, but making claims that simply aren't true is an example of something being "overhyped".

Next is this statement on the sales page:
Quote:Revolutionary Video Suite Powered By Super Powerful Full Video Software Allowing You To Create Attention Grabbing Videos With Ease!
This is true, it just doesn't tell the whole story. The "powerful full video software" is Hitfilm Express. Hitfilm has a free license available to everyone.

The next issue I have with Conceptual Video is that the clips I saw in the demo video are available on Pexels with a Public Domain license, which means if you get the same videos from Pexels or Pixabay, you have a much more liberal license that pretty much allows you to do anything with the videos you want, with respect to not doing damage to the person in the video.

This is what Conceptual Video is doing and it's also something I have often done in the past, which is creating packages of public domain assets. Nothing wrong with this, just be aware that you can the videos yourself and it's a matter of if the cost is worth the convenience for you. And this is hopefully my added value for you, that the convenience, time saved and ideas created are worth the small price I charge.

Conceptual Video may have some added benefits like having animated text, I really don't know. But for me this isn't worth the costs since any decent video editor has good animated text abilities built in and being "extra flashy" won't make any difference in the results you get, and may even hurt.

My suggestion is to use the resources here in the Pheeds VIP forums along with all available free/public domain media.
Get Hitfilm here:

Pexel videos:

Pixabay videos:

There's millions and millions of available still images to express trigger emotions and you can add simple effects to make them more interesting and eye-catching.

And don't forget to check the Pheeds VIP download areas for even trigger emotion resources.