Full Version: Marketing Gems and Highlights from RSS Riot
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If you find something interesting or useful in your RSS Riot Content Factory Software related to marketing that doesn't need a thread of its own, let's post a link here.

Here's a pretty good basic intro to selling on the Walmart marketplace...

Top 6 excellent Camtasia Alternatives

9 Clickfunnels Alternatives
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6 Marketing Lessons from Shark Tank"Shark Tank is just a collection of entrepreneurs sharing their marketing strategies and business plans. Listening to what they have to say, as well as what the Sharks have to say to them, can give you a lot of good lessons and advice that you can use in your own professional life. Who thought watching TV could be so helpful?"

The Sneaky Features of Instagram on Web

 Most of us are accustomed to using Instagram from our smartphone – but did you know that you can browse the same from the desktop as well? And even make use of some perks that are missing in the mobile app!
I forgot about this thread... Wink

Here's a really good collection of free content marketing templates in the following categories:

Nearly 400 free, customizable content creation templates.

Content Management & Calendar Templates
Written & Editorial Content Templates
Design Content Templates
Social Media Content Templates
Email Content Templates
Some excellent free PSD mockups. These are really useful for social media and for adding to your videos as pattern interupts.

45 mockups

27 mockups