Full Version: How to convert text to videos using PowerPoint
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Here's how to use Powerpoint to convert a text file into a video. There is video software sold by marketers that convert text to video sales letters, but PPT can do this too plus a lot more.

This is just a sample module from PowerPoint Paradise, which has a lot of other stuff and is available for Video VIP members here:

If you're not a Video VIP member you can join here...and VIPs get even more:

Text to VSL Part 1
This is EasyVSL that converts text to videos. It's $97 then $10 a month or $197 a year. I recommend PowerPoint instead.
Thank you this was really helpful. I need to start looking at Powerpoint more.
I was so excited when 2007 stopped being supported of the whole microsoft package and my mom and
i picked up a 5 person package of 365 because now I not only have 2013 powerpoint but also the lastest
and I can follow  Kurts instructions here to the MAX.  YEAYE  I think this  post is magnificent Kurt thanks
so much for adding it.