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Here's 3 free stock video resources that are a little 'different' if you need B-roll
Here's 3 free stock video resources that are a little 'different' if you need B-roll

Detonation Films
Alpha/Chroma-keyed video of violent stuff, like explosions.

The News Market
Free broadcast-standard video and multimedia content from video news releases service

Free Animal Videos
Stock video of animals, pets and wildlife.
Dude, that is so cool. It is new to me and I will be working with it. Thanks!
Thanks for the great share.

I easily found the rights for the animal and fire websites. To me, it's not as clearly listed on the news website unless I'm just missing it which is quite possible. Can we use the videos and/or images any way we see fit? I'm not talking about selling anything from any of these websites. I just mean use in our own projects whether it's personal or commercial.

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