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Is AI art really art?
Should graphics created by computers be considered art? What do you think?

The argument against computer generated graphics is that there is no emotion by the computer, and art is all about emotion.

A good comparison I came across was using AI for graphics is like being the director of a movie. You don't really do anything yourself except tell others what to do. This is pretty much the same as using AI for graphics. We consider actors and writers to be artists, but is the director also an artist?

I like Bob Ross' attitude. Bob Ross was a well-known artist in the US and had a TV show that taught people to paint. He would create 3 paintings per show and after each show he would just toss each paining into a pile. For him, the act of just painting was the pleasure and he didn't care nearly as much about the painting (noun) as he did painting (verb).

This is how I feel about AI art. I'm not artistic in the sense that when I try to draw or paint something, the pencil doesn't go where I see it in my mind. A straight line isn't a straight line. And it gets worse from there. Smile

But I do think of myself as being creative. AI art makers let me create things that I like creating and I find interesting. I also find images created by others using AI interesting and convey emotions and ambience.

For me, AI is art, just different from more traditional media.

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