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Demo of different cartoon styles on images
Just for fun I made some images using different cartoon styles using MidJourney artificial intelligence.

inside space age home betty boop cartoon style
[Image: inside_space_age_home_betty_boop_cartoon_style.jpg]

inside space age home disney cartoon style
[Image: inside_space_age_home_disney_cartoon_style.jpg]

inside space age home flinstones cartoon style
[Image: inside_space_age_home_flinstones_cartoon_style.jpg]

inside space age home jetsons cartoon style
[Image: inside_space_age_home_jetsons_cartoon_style.jpg]

inside space age home looney tunes cartoon style
[Image: inside_space_age_home_looney_tunes_cartoon_style.jpg]

inside space age home popeye cartoon style
[Image: inside_space_age_home_popeye_cartoon_style.jpg]

inside space age home scooby-doo cartoon style
[Image: inside_space_age_home_scooby-doo_cartoon_style.jpg]

inside space age home simpsons cartoon style
[Image: inside_space_age_home_simpsons_cartoon_style.jpg]

inside space age home south park cartoon style
[Image: inside_space_age_home_south_park_cartoon_style.jpg]
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