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How to Take Free Still Images and Short Video Clips & Make Ambient YouTube Videos
Discover How You Can Take Free Still Images and Short Video Clips
and Turn Them into Ambient Videos for YouTube

Ambient videos are simple videos with audio that are meant to help create moods and atmospheres for relaxing, sleeping, meditation, focus, etc. Mellow music, nature sound effects and combinations are used as the sound tracks.

Here's an example of an ambient video I made this video from a 24-second free stock video:

Here's the link to the page with the free stock video I used.

I started with a 24-second video, looped it and added audio of a flowing river that was looped, and finished with this 3-hour video. You can easily do the same.

I enjoy watching ambient videos almost as much as I love to make them. When working on the computer, like I am right now, I like to play videos with sounds of things like rivers, waves, etc.

 I suggest you think of creating ambient videos as a hobby...something you enjoy doing AND has some potential to make money.

The reason is, ambient videos are "different". They can be very popular and get a lot of "watch" time. But they are played in the background, often when people are sleeping, so they aren't the main focus for viewers. The YouTube "experts" forget to tell you this.

Also, most hobbies cost money and some can be expensive. You can do everything you need to do to create ambient videos using only free tools and resources. I do recommend spending $48 on some software (see below) and a few bucks on sound effects, which are cheap.

And if you create videos of ANY kind, there's a good chance you'll uncover some very useful tips and techniques.

Solves The Major Problems with the Typical YouTube Advice

The big issue with the advice often given on YouTube for creating ambient videos of 3 hours or longer is just to loop a video clip, often as short as 10-15 seconds, copy/paste that clip over and over in your video editor, then render the entire thing.

Every time an audio or video clip is repeated, it can cause issues with glitches. Their methods also take a lot more time and processing resources.

Fun and Creative Tricks for Video Folks

You'll find some really cool (and easy) things to make your ambient videos even better.
Need inspiration?

Lots of ideas with links to mysterious and beautiful places.

Make Better Videos AND Save Time Rendering

The best way to make ambient videos is actually the easiest way to make ambient videos.

Make ambient videos for your own benefits.

What visuals, sounds and types of "noise" give you the best results?

What Sounds to Use, Why and How

White noise isn't the only type of "noise"? What type of noise is best to use? How do you generate it? It's actually really easy.

Dedicate to friends and relatives.

It's easy to add some text to a video along with a dedication to a special person. Customize the audio and video with things they like.

  • AmbientVids Titles Keyword Density - CVS file with the "densities" of the most used words in these video titles. This is not the typical keyword research. These are the keywords these creators are actually using.
  • Most Relevant Keywords - I scraped over 50 of the most popular YouTube channels that create ambient videos and came up with more than 4700 titles. I then ran just these titles through a keyword density checker to see which words and phrases actual creators use the most for their ambient videos.
  • List of Channels - Here's a list of over 50 channels you can use for ideas and research.
  • 4700 Video Titles - A list of just the video titles. Perfect for keyword selection and content ideas.

  • Decent video editing software.
  • Audacity free audio editor

  • WIN software for $50. I'm NOT an affiliate for this program, just a satisfied customer.

Get it FREE:

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