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My 1 Click Two Click Internal Linking System
I've used this basic linking strategy for a very long time for niche sites of 20-100 or so pages. If you have fewer pages than that, just link to all of them from the home page.

However, you can and should create your own link juice. I think of linking in terms of:

Money Pages Are One Click from Homepage - These are your 10 or so money pages.

Category Pages Are One Click from Homepage - These pages link to your two click pages and your money pages. While some advice (which is really wrong) is to think of these as a "silo structure", I think of them more in old-school SEO terms as "gateway pages", whose main purpose is to make it easy for Google to spider the links and index the pages.

Support Pages Are Two Clicks from Homepage - Support pages are pages created to boost money pages by using contextual internal links.

Home page => Money pages => Other money pages and Occasionally other pages
Home page => Category pages => Support Pages => Money pages
All pages => Home page

Support pages typically don't have to be as long. Mix and match left over content to create articles of 650-1000 words or so for support pages that link to money pages. Call them "random stuff" or "in case you missed these" pages.

Also, while the category pages should be somewhat organized by theme, if one is getting pages indexed by Google and another isn't, use the good one.
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