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How to find folks that want to make money online w/o searching for make money online
An important concept when it comes to SEO, keywords and making money is to think about what people really want, not necessarily exactly what people search for.

Let's say someone does a search for "tee shirt mockups". Our first thought about this keyword phrase is the person is probably looking for some images they can modify. But what it we did a little deeper "poker read" into folks searching for "tee shirt mockups". We can probably assume these folks want to sell tee shirts and are looking for mockups to help them sell tee shirts.

Another example is someone searching for something related to Woocommerce. We can be pretty sure that this is someone that wants to make money with their website. Keywords like "WooCommerce marketing" or may be super-competitive. Many Woo-related searches will be performed by people interested in "WooCommerce marketing".

Maybe your research shows that "woocommerce custom fields" is a good keyword phrase to optimize for.  You can (and should) create content around this keyword phrase that transitions into a good-paying affiliate program that will also help them make more money. They need themes, WP plugins, SEO, copywriting tips, merchant accounts...and more.

Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) is another example. People that publish KDP books want to make money. Even a basic search like "kdp gutter margins" is done by a person wanting to make money. What software will help them that also pays you? Any courses to help them write better Amazon ads or rank better in the Amazon SERPs?

There's tons of keywords that are tied to people that want to make money, that aren't directly about making money. For starters:

Amazon affiliate
EPN / eBay Partner Network
Walmart Affiliates

...and plenty more.

These are all indicators of people that want to make money online, that aren't searching for "make money online".
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