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A really cool new video maker I just found...
The video editor is called ClipChamp and Microsoft recently acquired it.

It has a free version and paid versions starting at $9 a month, or $6 a month ($72) if you pay yearly.

The Business Platinum plan at $39/$27 looks interesting because it includes "Unlimited video and image stock". This is less expensive than many (most?) stock video memberships.

It has plenty of templates all digital marketers should be interested in:
  • Facebook video ads
  • YouTube videos
  • Instagram video ads
  • Slideshow videos
  • YouTube intros
  • Promo videos
  • Demo videos
  • Video memes
  • Video montages
  • Facebook cover videos
  • Testimonial video maker
  • Corporate video maker

I wrote a little about ClipChamp's excellent text to speech generator in another thread about using AI to make videos:
Quick method for making quality videos people want to see using free AI tools

ClipChamp is something you should seriously consider adding to your marketing toolkit.
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