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Can Google tell if you use ai?
Is there a way that Google can tell if you are using ai to write content?
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(05-19-2022, 01:28 PM)BobKa Wrote: Is there a way that Google can tell if you are using ai to write content?

It's possible. There could be ways of predicting how words are used by AI and which words are used.

Google recently said that using AI for content is against the guidelines. However, my interpretation is that they specifically meant that for long form content that is entirely created by AI without any human interaction, other than inputting a keyword. The more people are involved in the process the harder telling if it was written by AI gets.

IMO, this is the problem with the perception of AI many people have that it's supposed to generate an entire, in depth article with expertise just from entering a single keyword.

In reality, AI is great at creating topic/keyword outlines. It's also really good if you do actual research and feed it facts for it to write about, instead of it relying on AI to do all the research for you.
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