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When push comes to shove...comparing aWeber and GetResponse
There's some pretty good studies that suggest push notifications are opened and clicked more often than email. It really shouldn't be either/or as both are valuable ways to increase the long term value of your visitors.

Fairly recently, aWeber and GetResponse autoresponder services have added push notifications capabilities. I've been testing each on this forum just a bit, and here's what I found so far:

They both have pretty much the same installation requirements: Add a snippet of code to your page/site header (GetResponse) or body (aWeber) and upload a file they give you to the root of your domain. They each also have WP plugins.

Both have little documentation. They show you how to set it up, but don't tell you much about how often the subscribe window opens when someone doesn't subscribe. Once a day? Per session? One time only?

The features are very limited compared to some of the dedicated push notification services. The thing is, these missing features like auto sending, scheduling, segmenting, etc. are features both email services have so I expect them to include these features at some time, but when???

Right now, it looks like GetResponse is a little ahead...except it didn't quite work when I installed it. When I tried to subscribe to notifications, it wouldn't accept my click, so the "Wanna be notified" window kept popping up every time I clicked a different forum page. So I removed it.

I did get aWeber to work pretty easily...except it says I have my code snippet hasn't been verified. The code was on the page and I could see it in "View Page Source". It seemed that the warning was the error and that it did actually recognize the code.

aWeber had a simple Opt-In Prompt Timing feature with a couple of basic options GetResponse doesn't have.

However, GetResponse has a few more design features. They're very basic but they do let you customize the look a lot more.

Also, GetResponse allows you to create push notifications for multiple websites. I haven't found a way to do this with aWeber, I could be missing something and this could be because of the verification error I'm getting.

Even though I didn't get GetResponse to work yet, it looks like the better option at this time because it lets us have multiple sites/projects. I expect the issue is just a bug and will be fixed shortly. I'll put in a support ticket soon if not.

Quick aWeber vs GetResponse - This has to be one of the most asked questions in the history of IM.

I'm not an email marketing expert...But, I've had accounts with both for over 15. To be honest, they're pretty equal IMO and I've found that over time the delivery rates for which is better goes back and forth. AWeber probably has a few more advanced features while GetResponse is a little easier to use and cheaper.

Both have free accounts and I recommend you get an account on each, especially if you have multiple niche sites.

Get a free GetResponse account here
More info about GetResponse Push Notifications

Get a Free aWeber account here
More Info about aWeber Push Notifications

These are all affiliate links. Both free accounts have very good features but include a link to each service in every email. After you grow you'll want to upgrade to a pro account and that's when I'll make a commission. But get results FIRST.

I like the idea of having my push service the same as my email service as they're both followup. I hope aWeber and GetResponse add some more advanced features soon.

There are third party push notification services and if you have any experiences with them, post them below.
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There's a couple of bonus benefits of aWeber and GetResponse accounts is they can act as parasites and camouflage pages in a couple of different ways.

Both have landing page creators. With a little strategic interlinking, they can be "websites".

You can also archive your newsletters. Take a look at this google for:

Google has about 7000 archives of newsletters indexed. Considering how many newsletters are hosted on aWeber, that's not a lot. But...7000 shows that Google is willing to include them.

You just need to turn on the "index us" options for each and get a couple of decent links.

These archives give dofollow links.

They also have RSS versions, which means they can be submitted to the RSS directories. Although not usually much benefit, submitting your RSS pheeds can be a bit of a "lottery ticket", it's easy to do and only needs to be done once.

If you have any kind of automated syndication, like IFTTT, add your RSS pheeds there too.

Use the available templates, add a little formatting and an image or two.

You create a list in both services. You can create an archive for every list.

Have a plan for interlinking. This is important. You can't go back and add links to older pages (emails). But you can include links in newer pages (emails) to older pages. So make sure your most important archive pages (money pages) are posted first. Have 2-5 money pages with all the following pages linking to one or more of these pages.

Your archive will have a homepage that displays links to all your latest emails. GetResponse's looks a lot better. The subjects of your emails will be the anchor text on the archive home/index page. It will also display the first part of each email. Plan ahead and optimize these using an overall keyword strategy.

Both have Subscribe features for people to sign up for the list. aWeber just has a link and GetResponse has a form.
  • We get the archive page benefits.
  • We get the landing page builder benefits.
  • We get the email marketing features.
  • We get the push notification features.

And it's all free to get started. You get more than enough quotas with the free levels to get real results before having to spend any money.

Get a free GetResponse account here

Get a free aWeber account here

Again, these are affiliate links. I only make money after you make money and upgrade.
Get and spend Cow Chips just for being a Pheeds Phorum member...
(Never let anyone tell you that you shouldn't spend them all in one place.)
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