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Two very effective and free long term link building strategies
Here's a two link building strategies that you need to seriously consider adding to your tool kit.

The first is Guest Blogging, but not just randomly searching for websites and asking if they accept guest posts. Try these instead:

FaceBook has a number of groups dedicated to link exchanges and guest posts. Here's the FB search results for groups for each:
Also check for FB groups for Blog and Link Roundups
*Stupid FB won't let me link directly to their search results so you'll have to copy/past the URLs.

Reddit has a couple relevant subreddits:

There are signs Google has reduced the value of links coming from guest posts. However, using a little planning there's no way for Google to always tell if a post is a guest post or not. It's also unlikely Google will contact other members of a group pretending to want to do some linking and asking "What's the site?".

The second method is networking.

This takes effort and dedication over time, but it is extremely powerful.This is how link brokers build their business and it's a business model that you can use for your own SEO and/or sell to clients. Getting to know people for your mutual benefit will always be a sound business model.

Where do people that have access to multiple sites AND are interested in marketing these hang out?

The obvious answer are places like marketing/SEO groups and forums.

But...there's also web designers and website managers that have clients that could use content and/or links. Here's a few ideas of communities to join and network with people that can get and give you links. 
The groups and ideas above make it as easy as possible to find good matches.
How to write guest blog posts and get more links a lot faster:
Next, use Rytr (aff link) to make content creation faster and easier.
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When looking for link opportunities, my advice is to spend time researching and being selective. A few good, well-placed links are worth your patience.

The best partners are those who control the sites of MANY OTHER people. Maybe they manage the sites, write content, promote them, or support them, but they give you the most opportunities with fewer concerns of leaving "footprints" for Google to detect.

Make sure your content/link can be reached within 2 clicks of the site's homepage, 3 at the most on very high authority sites/pages.

Come up with creative ways to make the deals fair to both sides. If someone has a site with a high authority, give them a link from your home page plus a link from an article on Medium in exchange for a link from an interior page of theirs for example.

Don't do straight link exchanges and don't add links to each other at the same time.

The more assets you own and control, and the more diverse they are, the more you have to leverage. "Diverse" includes topics, keywords, hosting, domain name ownership, etc. With the right connections, you can trade a link to their jazz site from your guitar site for a link to your bitcoin site on a different host from their forex site on another host.

This is a rock-solid link plan for sites focusing on low competition keywords.
  • An expired domain name with at least a good link or two (or more) from somewhere like Wikipedia.

  • A good link using HARO to get a fresh link from a site like NYTimes.

  • A couple of links using the guest blogging resources above.

  • Links from a couple of strong parasites like Medium, Quora.

  • A couple of links from guest posts to your parasites like Medium, Quora..

If you can't rank your pages using this basic strategy, then you are doing something're probably using the wrong keywords or have a technical problem like bad hosting or your site is set so it isn't indexed. 
How to write guest blog posts and get more links a lot faster:
Next, use Rytr (aff link) to make content creation faster and easier.
Plus the more guest posts you can make to create links to those posts too.
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