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How can I learn SEO for free?
Here's an excellent collection of info, guides and tools so you can be an SEO expert. It's the most complete resource I've seen.

Here's the topics and resources:
Quote:SEO Fundamentals
Introduction to SEO, Keyword Research, Competition Analysis, Content Optimization, Technical Optimization & Link Building.
Execute an SEO Process
Developing an SEO Audit, Establishing an SEO Strategy, Setting SEO Goals, Measuring SEO, Reporting SEO, SEO Process Management.
SEO in your CMS
Learn how to implement SEO related configurations in WordPress, Wix, Shopify, Magento, Squarespace.
Deepen your SEO Knowledge
Go In-Depth in SEO different areas: Technical, Content, Backlinks, Management, Opportunities, Scenarios.
Specialize Within SEO
Learn International SEO, E-Commerce, SaaS SEO, Local SEO, Travel SEO, Enterprise SEO, Small Business SEO and more.
Automate SEO Tasks
Learn to automate your SEO tasks using Python, App Scripts, BigQuery and SQL, RegEx, R and more.
SEO in Other Search Engines
Learn how to develop an SEO process for Bing, Yandex, Baidu, Naver, Amazon or YouTube.
Keep Up with SEO News
Keep up with SEO news with free publications, aggregators, newsletters, podcasts and events.
Implement w/ Free SEO Tools
Free keyword research, on-page, link building, rank tracking, reporting, speed, structured data and more.
Complement your SEO
Resources to learn HTML & CSS, JavaScript, Soft Skills, Start an SEO Business, Google Analytics, and more.

I have a few issues with it and "main stream SEO", especially if you're new to SEO. They can really overcomplicate things and typically take the position that they have an existing site/niche and are performing SEO for this single site. Often the info and advice is best for "corporate" sites, with budgets and departments.

As a DIY direct marketer wanting to use SEO as a means of getting traffic, you're not limited to a single site nor a single niche. None of these resources teach you to try different ideas, keywords and niches on different domain names.

These resources generally don't discuss blackhat and grayhat SEO. I don't condone many of these methods, but the facts are you will be competing against them and some of the blackhat stuff can be used in whitehat ways.. Understand that there's an entire SEO counter-culture that is missing from the resources.

If you're getting starting, don't get lost in all the info. Focus on:
Getting domain names that give you at least a little advantage
Solid and plentiful keyword research looking for low comp keywords and niches
Creating SHARABLE content as fast and cheaply as possible.

IMO, it really comes down to being able to make SHARABLE content, which means content that will be appreciated when shared to the right people. Good, basic SEO and keyword research can be learned pretty easily. Then it's a matter of putting content on web pages based on that data as effectively and efficiently as possible.

If your plan is to work in SEO for a major business or client, or you start getting more successes using the essential basics, THEN start digging deeper into the topics included.
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