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Regular pages or marketing pages?
I see Kurt refer to marketing pages. Whats the difference between regular web pages and marketing pages?s
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(03-27-2022, 04:54 PM)BobKa Wrote: I see Kurt refer to marketing pages. Whats the difference between regular web pages and marketing pages?s

Sorry Bob...I thought In responded to this. I guess I forgot to hit the reply button.

I think the vast majority of web design advice leaves out designing webpages with The Most Desired Response. When you make a new webpage, what is it that you want people to do the most? Buy something? Enter an email address? Click an affiliate link? Generally, these are the things we want people to do most.

When you design a webpage, is your first priority to make it look good and have everything match? Or do you design with the intention of making your Most Desired Response elements stand out? Web deign advice may be to pick a color scheme that looks good. Marketing advice it to make that email input form big and using a color that stands out from the page design, not blend in.

Navigation is a big part of web design. But for money pages, we don't want to give folks a lot of options. We either want to use links to direct folks or for SEO/indexing purposes. You don't want menus or encourage people to visit more pages. You want them to take a specific action. Money pages are often single column pages.

Making money pages doesn't mean to do everything you can to suck money from everyone. IMO, it means when doing keyword research you also factor in your own revenue potential when choosing keywords and topics.

For example, let's pretend "how to get a mortgage" was an easy keyword to rank for. Write 10 great money saving tips to help people save on their first mortgage, with a link to a mortgage affiliate program. The goal is to match keyword research with things you can write about as well as make money from.

With a little extra thought and effort we can help people, but with a focus on the topics that can also make us some money..
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