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Discover your content making Super Powers
AI will change everything. Google seems to be OK with it for now, but I'm guessing that will change in a few years because content will be so easy to create. I'll also guess that not much will change with the low competition keywords, because in these situations, Google will struggle to find 10 good articles for those keywords.

First, it's important to understand copyrights. I'm using US law, you need to research your own situation and it's up to you to double-check anything I saw regarding laws.
Quote:Copyrights protect ways of expressing ideas. As the name suggests, the copyright holder has a right to determine who may copy his words.  The right does not extend to who may discuss the ideas expressed by those words.  For instance, Einstein may copyright his essay on the theory of relativity, but he may not prevent others from researching his theory or presenting it in their own words. In recent years, copyright has been extended to cover not only books and journal articles, but also pictures, films, music, computer programs, and design elements of products.

Your Content Super Power:
Rewritten AI content is in your own words, unless your AI writer has some hidden clause that says it isn't.

 Einstein's Theory of Relativity is one of the greatest pieces of content in history. It was obviously a totally original creation. Yet, copyright law doesn't stop you from putting it in your own words, although technically the time has also run out on the copyright protection anyway, but you get the idea.

Just rewriting the thesis isn't really helpful, unless you are trying to make it easier to understand. I don't think rewriting any article for the sake of just using new words add value, either.

However, what if we take the best ideas and info from multiple sources and
  • Use AI to rewrite them into different versions of our own words
  • Select the best version based on readability and info
  • Pick and choose what we think are the best bits of info from different sources that help our audience
  • Combine them into a single piece of content.
  • Check content for plagiarism.
  • And that single piece of content can be used for a webpage/post, video, podcast, email, slide deck, etc.

This is combining AI and your own human intelligence. You are assembling hand-picked, best of the best content to help people based on what the keywords tell you they want to know. And you're doing it legally and providing value.

Common advice is to research and put facts and ideas into your own words. Content written by AI is in your "own words". There's no different between you typing the content in an original expression or AI doing it for you. Depending on the license of the AI platform you're using, you own the rights. I know Rytr's license give you the rights, assuming it passes a plagiarism check.'s OK to choose keywords and topics that you can make money from. I believe 30% of all Google searches have a consumer intent. Help them make the best decisions.

The Content Silo has a number of research resources.

Add the original content you rewrote into one box and the three versions in another box to compare. Are they saying the same thing in different words? Check the facts.

For this method, on the Content Silo page pay attention to:
Rytr - (aff) 

Both of these will rewrite text. Resoomer is free and has some pretty good advanced features. Rytr also has a rewrite feature along with many other features, including a plagiarism checker. Use your own AI writer if you have one.

When considering basic SEO, when you re-word content, some of those new words should be your low competition keywords with profit potential.

This is a fundamental shift in the way good, original, helpful, people friendly and search-engine friendly content can be created.
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rsvp for updates.
Enjoy Generous Commissions up to 60%, find ready-to-use swipe files and more with
The Pheeds Kings and Queens of Content VIP Club affiliate program.

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