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Getting started using artificial intelligence for creating content.
I really like Rytr and use it every day. But you do need to train yourself a bit to get the best results using AI. IMO Jarvis/ is probably a little better at long content, but is much more expensive and Rytr does a lot of other things very well.

Disclosure: This thread contains affiliate links to the Rytr AI content writing app. I'm not just an affiliate, I'm also a paying customer and recommend it because it works for me. The general info in this thread can be applied to other AI content writers but I'm writing with Rytr in mind.

First, let's get into some of the cons:
  • There's a fairly small learning curve to get the best results. You can't simply type in a keyword and expect to get a detailed, 1500 word article.
  • You'll need to double-check facts. I suggest doing the factual research first, then "pheeding" this info into Rytr, instead of the other way around.
  • Because it's so easy to click the button to create more versions, you can get in a "let's see if it writes something better next time" spin cycle time-drain, which defeats the purpose of using an AI writer.
  • To get the very best results, you will very likely need a subscription that includes unlimited characters.
  • They generally don't write content at an expert level, although this can be often overcome with good research.

Related Resources:
A HUGE benefit of AI writers for me is they help with my "micro writers block". Sometimes it takes me just a couple of minutes to think about what to write. This can happen to me multiple times while writing the same article and these minutes add up. Rytr often solves this issue for me.

An absolute key to getting the most out of AI is to have a lot of ideas handy (keyword research) and to use 3 (or more) variants for each. Then keep the best version of what works and delete what doesn't work. For me, this makes creating content a snap.

The BIG problem with this is that you'll burn through credits like crazy. Just make sure your membership level gives you unlimited credits...and use them.

As you get multiple variants, add them to the Content Silo to help you organize and pick and choose the best content.

Rytr almost always writes content that reads well, it's a matter if it's on topic or not. It's often best to be flexible with Rytr and just go with what it gives you. Always select 3 variants (repeat as needed), then pick and choose what works best. You will probably start with "12 tips to buy a car" and end with "8 tips to buy a car", but they'll be pretty good.

The "Change tone" feature does make a difference. If you aren't getting good results try changing this setting.

I rarely use any of the features in the text editor like "Expand" or "Paragraph". Instead, you'll get a lot better results entering that info along with keywords into the "Blog Section Writing" and "Section Topic" forms in the left column. The Writer on the left produces much better results.

Here's an example to write an article about "how to buy a used car".

First, in the left for blog content, enter:
tips for buying a used car
Select 3 versions

tips for buying a used car to get lowest price
Select 3 versions

tips for buying a used car with no down payment or credit
Select 3 versions

How to check the mechanical condition when buying a used vehicle
Select 3 versions

The key is to come up with a few keyword-relevant sentences to "pheed" Rytr. Then pick and choose the best stuff Rytr gives you.

In general, put the longer, the best quality articles on your site and use the shorter but good stuff for Web 2.0 properties and social media to link to the articles on your site.

Rytr is really good at writing product descriptions and reviews.
  1. Select "Product Description".
  2. Go to Amazon and copy a product title and paste it into the Product Name input box.
  3. Copy/paste a chunk of the Amazon description into the About product input box.
  4. Repeat a time or two with chunks of customer reviews.

This will give you a couple of really good paragraphs. Mix in a couple of different product reviews along with some "tips for buying ____" paragraphs and you have some good content with a revenue stream.

You can also use Product Descriptions like things for Youtube video descriptions to give unique content for your page. SEO is about putting words on pages in ways the SEs like.

The Product Description feature is often a better way of rewriting some content instead of using the "Rephrase" feature.

This is one of the better Rytr "how to" videos I've seen. He uses the PAS (Problem-Agitate-Solve) copywriting feature for the article intros, which is something I didn't think of doing. Again, I like using the Blog Section Writing feature more than the Paragraph feature, but adding relevant keywords like he does to help Rytr is essential, no matter which feature you use to write.
Also, in general I've found that inputting content using the options in the left column to give better results than using the features on the right in the work area.

For example, if you use the Blog Idea and Outline feature, instead of using the Paragraph feature in the work place to expand on a topic:
  1. select Blog Section Writing
  2. copy a suggestion from the work area
  3. add a keyword or two if needed
  4. paste it into the Section topic input box

Don't listen to people that have never tried Rytr tell you that AI isn't any good. Check out Rytr's free plan (aff) along with the tips above and see for yourself. You really have nothing to lose and possibly a lot to gain...if you need content.
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Enjoy Generous Commissions up to 60%, find ready-to-use swipe files and more with
The Pheeds Kings and Queens of Content VIP Club affiliate program.

Click here to your affiliate link and get started now.

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