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Review of an AI writer review video

First, there's some good tips in this video concerning SEO and affiliate programs and you should probably watch the entire video on 2x speed. A side note, I was one of the first folks that sold page-making software like he talks about  way back when. Smile

But I take major exception with his demo of AI robot writing software...

7:07 - He starts his examples using his AI "robot". He says he writes a single sentence for each topic he was the robot to create a long form article.

11:55 - He starts his process of hiring freelance writers. This is my issue. I want to see what the results would be if he put the same effort into his AI writer as he does describing his job, submitting and paying the freelance writer?

Even the best AI writers probably won't perform well with just a sentence to create a long-form article, but put in the same effort (or even less) researching input for your AI robot as he did creating a job for a freelancer and you'll get much better results. Remember, he just mentioned researching sites, but didn't actually spend the time doing that in the video.

Again, I suggest not thinking of them as AI "writers" but more as AI "writing assistants". They speed content creation up greatly, but your own research, IQ, choices and work ethic still play a major role. Even if it was possible to get a great article only one click of a button, someone else will figure out that clicking the button twice works even better
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