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Some ideas for creating tons of useful content using your spreadsheet skills
Having basic spreadsheet (Excel, CSV) skills really opens a lot of doors when it comes to creating content. This outline assumes you have these skills, more specifically the ability to move and merge cells and columns along with very basic HTML skills.

Being able to get info into a CSV lets you create tons of useful content.

First, take a look at this WordPress plugin called TablePress that adds CSV files to web pages:

If you know basic html and Excel, you can add all sorts of stuff to niche "mini search engines". Many physical affiliate product inventories will come in CSV files...or even RSS/XML files which are easily converted to CSV.

You can create local directories and guides. Gather business info into a CSV file and add this info using TablePress. Your users can then sort by city, company or product name, rating, price, etc.

For local directories, go to Google Maps and do a search for your local niche keywords, get the map with the business listings just the way you want it, then find the "Share or Embed Map" link and embed the map along with your TablePress content below.

Note: I go into more detail about finding and scraping content in the Pheeds Leads Xtreme forum.  If you're not a member yet, join here.

Extract Title, and Meta Descriptions and Keywords - Find a good list of related resources for a top resources page. Grab their page's meta info. For example, gather a list of "top keto sites for 2021". Using the descriptions and keywords, rewrite manually or with the help of AI writers.

Get Web Shots of URLs in batch - sign up for a free account and get up to 100 images a day for free. Use these to create directories of "best sites" and adding an image of each site you link to make your pages look much more interesting and professional.

Cities Near - Find and use "cities near" your main location for extra SEO potential and gathering resources. Scroll down your results page for the closest major cities.

You can edit the content either in a CSV or Excel file in Excel or in the TablePress admin in Wordpress.

You can also do a lot of CSS/HTML formatting in either Excel, TablePress admin and your WP theme. IMO this can be the biggest time drain but often needed.

Getting things set up takes some time and skills, but once you get your system created for your needs you'll be a content factory. You can develop sites for your own revenue streams, sell leads, flip the domain/site, etc.

Note: I go into much more detail about finding and scraping content buying/selling domains and more in the Pheeds Leads Xtreme forum.  If you're not a member yet, join here.
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Here's an example...If you have an Etsy shop you can download a CSV of all your listings and add them to your blog articles as your own revenue stream instead of using an affiliate program.

You have total control. It's your info so you can use this data to link to your listings on Etsy or set up your own order process.
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