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VIP ACCESS →  Your Invitation to Join the Pheeds Leads Xtreme
Here's your invitation to Join the Pheeds Leads Xtreme private forum and take your marketing to the next level.

There's a bit of a "perfect storm" for marketers right now. Some new incredible tech advances, along with some super special discounts, make for some amazing possibilities on a really tight budget.

If you've been paying attention to the Pheeds Forum you've noticed I've posted a bunch of links to free marketing trials. I've been testing them alongside other resources. Pheeds Leads Xtreme is the best results of my research and testing.

Here's some highlights:

Content Creation:

There are two very special resources I found that when combined will produce quality content that Google will love. I've developed content creation tools for SEO for 25 years, and this method is the best I've found in all those years.
  • The best content creation "bang for your buck" method I've found in 25 years.
  • Where to find the ultimate ideas for your content in a snap, based on solid SEO principles.
  • My suggestions for creating quality AI content the fastest, most effective way.
  • Cures writers block forever.

Personal Names and Local Biz Domaining
  • How to check the market size of local biz and personal name domain names the RIGHT way.
  • The most effective way to collect their contact info/email addresses.
  • One lead discovery service is not only best, it's the cheapest (and has free levels and trials).
  • What email messages work best for me...and which one hasn't.
I made a short video for you so you can jump right to it and get started.

Postcards - Cost about 70¢ each to buy, print and mail. Less than the cost of most PPC clicks.
  • How to create postcards ready to print and send to dozens of local companies in minutes.
  • How I design the front and back of my postcards.
  • The copywriting elements I make sure to include.
  • How to leverage their competition right on the postcard.

Domain tips and tricks (not available anywhere else)
  • Creating special "dictionaries" using custom phrases to find valuable domains others have missed.
  • Why and how to use SEO keyword research to find better opportunities.
  • Combine domain research tips with the content creation methods to develop turn-key sites to flip.
Advanced SEO on a budget
  • A powerful keyword tool that can replace the big name tools at a fraction of the price.
  • My 25 years of SEO. I don't keep up with the latest trends anymore...but I do know what has worked consistently for the past 25 years. Focus on these things. Let's talk.

The Sum is Greater than the Parts

On their own, each tool is extremely potent. But in combination with others, the power they give you is real. And some of them are on sale right now. These are NOT the typical "opportunities" going around the usual over-hype IM crowd. I don't use any affiliate links.

Straight to the Point to Save Your Time and Aspirin

There's a major problem with the training for many marketing apps. They tend to show every feature, instead of setting up a workflow so you can benefit from the tools quickly.

These tools are explosive on their own, but wading through all the features can be daunting. Pheeds Leads Xtreme gives you a direct path to be PRODUCTIVE as soon as possible. Then you can explore the additional opportunities these powerful features give you.

I created 4 very short videos...I think they're about 15 minutes total. They will show you:
  • The very best way to discover the market size for personal name and local biz domain names
  • How to reach those people and businesses
Personal name domains are domains like or Everyone should own their own and there are plenty of names a lot of people share, which gives you a natural market. It's about finding and reaching the best markets. You'll master this in no time.

You won't get rich selling local biz and personal domain names. But...they are the absolute easiest to determine their chances of selling BEFORE you buy. Nothing is guaranteed, but this is the best system I've used to find good domains to flip.

It's fast, easy and cheap. And no one else is showing you this stuff.


We'll go into more details in Pheeds Leads Xtreme about spending.

I HATE spending other folks' money, so I tell you all your options, including FREE alternatives, and give you my advice on what to consider getting.

Plan on spending $100 for the tools needed pretty soon. There's a few other things you'll want to check out, but won't need to spend any more money. And you can test everything for free before you buy, so there's little to no risk.

$40 on monthly membership fees. There are a few memberships I suggest. There are free levels and memberships for everything for you to test, try and (hopefully) profit first, but I really suggest you consider these ongoing membership fees. I think you'll agree when you see them.
I'm NOT an affiliate for any tool I recommend.
All recommendations are based on things I've actually purchased myself and will continue to pay for.

There is a refer-a-friend coupon available that saves you a few bucks and I get a credit.
I wouldn't include the coupon but it saves you some money (if you're eligible).

You should:
  • NOT be a total newbie to marketing.
  • Able to work with CSV files/Excel Spreadsheets.
  • Understand Pheeds Leads Xtreme is NOT a complete "step by step" system, rather it's a collection of some very effective methods and techniques.
  • Realize the more you contribute to the forum, the more everyone else will, including me. Let's help each other.
Only $37. One time payment.


Only 7 paid members accepted this month of August 2021.

Only 12 paid members will be accepted. I also may give away up to 3 more memberships for a maximum total of 15 members at this time. You do the math. I'm not making a ton of money from this. I'm just looking for serious marketers to join a select group to help each other take full advantage of these opportunities.

All sales are final. Please no refunds.

Updated August 6, 2021 to allow 7 new members for the month of August.
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After your order, you "should be" returned to this page by PayPal. If not, just come back to this page and:

1. If you're not already a Pheeds forum member, create an account.

2. After you log in, send me a private message INCLUDING the details of your Paypay receipts. Just click the PM button at the bottom of this post.

3. Give me a little time to add you to the Pheeds Leads Xtreme private forum area.
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The content creation system is really good and uses the best features of a couple of tools. This isn't "auto longform content" and it does require your ideas and input but it totally ends writer's block.

I speak pretty fast and I type pretty fast. But I write really, REALLY slowly. Pheeds Leads Xtreme content method solves this for me. It produces good, readable, NOT SPUN, original content.

For the price of a couple of PLR articles or a job for a cheap freelance writer you can create a lot more content, a lot faster...and probably better.
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Update Aug 6, 2021 - Will accept 7 new members for August. First come, first served.
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