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How do YOU organize everything?
(05-28-2021, 06:02 PM)Karen Dot Wrote: With all the links and info you want to keep how do you do it? do you use an app?

This probably sounds a little "odd" but I use a MYBB forum to organize my online info. I have a domain that only hosts some things like a MYBB forum and WP blog for my own use and they aren't public. I have a private install of MYBB I use to store info and resources and I'm the only "member".

A forum probably isn't for everyone, but if you can install MYSQL and php or have something like Softilicious and a basic understanding of forum layout, then they are really great for organizing info and much better than a private WP blog IMO. I just add a link to the forum in my browser tool bar and when I find something worth keeping post it on the forum.
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How do YOU organize everything? - by Karen Dot - 05-28-2021, 06:02 PM
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