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How to use Creative Commons for lots of content
Here's a couple of great resources for images and videos with Creative Commons licenses that allow you to reuse them.

Flickr is a valuable resource for pretty much all content creators.

Using Flickr's Creative Commons feature you can find all sorts of images you can use in your videos and blog posts, but you'll need to give credit/attribution for many of them.

This tool will automatically generate the proper attribution for you, double checking that the image is truly licensed as CC. It also has a button you can drag to your (Chrome) browser tab which makes it really handy when browsing and searching Flickr.

If you using Flickr CC images in videos you can either paste the attribution into the YouTube description or include  a short one-second "credits" slide in your videos with attribution for all the CC Flickr images.


Read Me:

The above will give you the HTML code to paste into your web page.

To strip out the code for videos, paste the code here:

I like to add the URL to the image under the stripped text.
"Christmas Rottweiler" (CC BY 2.0) by RebaSpike

Where Flickr is particularly good is when you need images of popular people and celebrities. Just know there are two concepts when it comes to images of actual people.

One is the copyright holder which is "usually" the person that took the picture.

The second issue is a "right to publicity". This means that if you take a pic of Tom Hanks walking down the street you own the copyrights to that image. See "paparazzi". But you can't use Tom Hanks' fame to promote a product, etc. You could use this image in an article about Tom Hanks or his new movies (editorial use) but not to promote your acne remedy affiliate link.

Another tremendous resource of CC content is the Youtube video search filter. When you do a search just apply the "Creative Commons" filter to return results where the owner has given permission to reuse their videos. Last time I checked, there were over 330,000 Creative Commons videos on Youtube. That's a ton of resources to help you create better content faster.

After enabling the Creative Commons filter of the search results, double check the video description for this text:License
Creative Commons Attribution license (reuse allowed)If you use YouTube CC videos, you need to give attribution in the description of your video and also allow others to use it.

Give attribution something like:
Video Creator - Video Title
License and URL to the license.Creative Commons Attribution license (reuse allowed)

There is a lot of public domain video where you don't have to give attribution. Where YouTube CC videos can be helpful is that they tend to be long and more informational.

I suggest not using entire CC videos without modifying them. You'll just get folks angry. Instead, use bits and pieces mixed with original content and commentary to create new and original videos.

And remember, I'm not a lawyer and am only pointing out topics you need to research yourself.
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