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Email address to use...your own domain or third party?
The conventional business wisdom has always been to use your own domain name for your email address. This is good for branding your company and tends to look more professional. You're also in total control of your email preferences.'s a few considerations why a free third party email address like Gmail may be better. What happens if you use your own domain name and want to sell your site or let the domain name expire AND you've used that email address to sign up for a bunch of accounts?

Another consideration is, what if your hosting goes down? During this time your email is probably also down and no one can contact you.

IMO if you own your personal name as a domain name, you likely won't sell it so I think that makes a stronger case for using a domain name you own. But this still brings up the issue if your site/hosting is down, but you can use your own name for multiple sites and account logins.

There's really no perfect solution. What do you do and what do you recommend?
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