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Vertical Video Value Pack
The Vertical Video Value Pack is an assortment of still images, animated GIFs and video backgrounds formatted for vertical videos.

Vertical Video Marketing Idioms

Vertical Video GIFs

Vertical Stills

151 Vertical Background Videos:

Only $7 (for a short time)...

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  • azritch
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Kurt, as always, great stuff and even superior pricing for your product creations.
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  • Kurt
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Don't know how you can generate such quality stuff Kurt - but keep it up!
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About the GIFs. They're a little strange. Smile

I wanted to make them BIG so they look good in videos. But this caused some of them to be so big as files my PC couldn't handle them.

So I made some of the dimensions a little non-standard. For example so of the falling leaves are narrow. You can just add two instances of them to PPT or your video editor. If you use two instances you can often flip one horizontally and then enlarge it slightly and align it a little differently than it's partner to break up patterns.

You can also layer the gifs. Try putting one instance behind a Buy button or call to action text, scaling it a little smaller, and another instance over the button and text. This will give it a 3D effect and add depth.
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  • George663
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I posted this video showing some simple parallax effect samples using PPT on another thread here, but since it's relevant to this thread, here it is again:

These examples simply use PPT's Morph transition. Just duplicate a slide and alter/scale/move elements in the second slide and set the Morph transition to a duration of 5-15 seconds.

Note that animated gifs won't play during the transition time, but will start once the transition between slides has ended. This usually isn't the outcome we want. If you want to use a parallax effect using animated gifs you'll need to use grow/zoom animations. This isn't hard but does take more time than using the Morph transition. But you can get a really cool 3d effect using animated gifs in layers along with a parallax effect.

Notice in the demo video that there's a static image used as the background with transparent pngs over the top forming layers. These particular images aren't included in V V V, but this is a main benefit of the included still pngs. Just put them over any static background image, duplicate the slide and resize each image a bit in the second slide, including the background image, and apply the Morph transition.
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