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Some interesting domain name extensions on sale
NameCheap is having a 99 cent special where you can register some domain extensions for 99 cents for the first year. There are some interesting possibilities, just pay attention to the yearly renewal fees before you invest long term.

Carve out your own space
Renewals at $34.88/yr
98% off

Read all about it
Renewals at $65.88/yr
91% off

It starts with a domain
Renewals at $12.88/yr
95% off

A domain to make you smile
Renewals at $21.88/yr
80% off

It starts with a domain
Renewals at $4.88/yr
88% off

Make it big in the USA
Renewals at $10.48/yr
89% off

It starts with a domain
Renewals at $10.88/yr
98% off

It starts with a domain
Renewals at $54.88/yr
Get and spend Cow Chips just for being a Pheeds Phorum member...
(Never let anyone tell you that you shouldn't spend them all in one place.)
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