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Seth and RSS - they never get old
I just read a really short article on Seth Godwin's blog called "Chasing the cool kids" where he talks about building your own online real estate instead of running to the newest social platform:

A side point in the article is about the value of RSS.
Quote:What’s the alternative?Publish. Consistently. With patience. Own your assets. Don’t let a middleman be your landlord. Yell at Google for blocking your emails and hope it’ll work eventually. Continually push for RSS and an open web. With patience.
The RSS link goes to an article from 2011 and says:
Quote:In defense of RSSRSS is the best way to consume content online. It always has been, and it still is.Not gated, not filtered, no ads, just want you want.
And on that decade-old article Seth says:
Quote:[2021 update: I wrote this ten years ago. Since then, Google has tried to kill blogs, one social network after another has come along to entice people who want to write (and read) and figured out how to steal the permission that writers have worked so hard to earn. And yet, RSS, free, open, easy to use RSS persists. If you’re not the customer, you’re the product.]

My focus on this thread is a little different from Seth's about RSS. I want to use his comments to point out how RSS is still an extremely valuable resource that has been underused for a number of use, and that there's been constant benefits to RSS over the years.

And RSS didn't just start in 2011. It had been around a long time before that. I created RSS based software in 2003-4. RSS is still a great asset for getting and sending content, as well as syndication and automation.

The Pheeds forum will hopefully talk a lot about RSS, Short Format Content...and the combo of using RSS with Short Format Content...
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That is what I am talking about!  Seriously you are  a lot safer these days to
be a do it yourselfer.  Surprised kind of that he is talking about that but really
glad to hear it.

I guess people realize how iffy these social networks are getting because
they don't realize someone will stop them if they stop too many.

Maybe you lose your common sense when  you get too big.   Idk.

With regard to the RSS yes yes and yes.  I'm sold Kurt
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