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[SHORT CONTENT] Free vertical videos for short content projects
Update to my original post:

Here's some more resources for free stock media for vertical videos:

Mixit - Good usgage terms just be sure to check their license as it isn't a public domain/Creative Commons license.


Coverr has free vertical videos with a liberal usage license. The videos are good but you have to browse through them, which isn't optimal.

Don't forget vertical (and square) images. Of course many images can be converted/cropped/resized to become vertical or square, but it's faster and easier to start with an image that already has your preferred orientation.

Pixabay has an option to search using vertical orientation (no option for square images). Generally you'd be better off doing a search and using the vertical filter, but here's a link to all Pixabay's vertical images to give you some ideas...there's over 237,000 vertical images.

Usplash - orientation filter including portrait (vertical) and square images.

Pexels also has an orientation filter including vertical and square images.
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RE: Free vertical videos for short content projects - by Kurt - 02-24-2021, 06:44 PM

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