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When I was young...
I'm 75 now, and my eldest son is almost 50. Youngest grandchild is only 5 but eldest is 23 and Teaching.
I suppose my wife (that dear old grandma that still lives with me) saw more of the children in their younger years than i did, I was off in woods and on hilltops as an Army Communicator. She now proves that in the COVID era on our family ZOOM Booze-ups because she can answer many more of the TV and Music questions we quiz one another with during what we know as Operation Memorabilia sessions. My daughters 3 children are only about 7 miles away on the other side of York, so I've seen a lot of their growing up and they've gone from loving to explore the woods and climb trees with me (I was fitter a few years back) to just burying their heads in their Pads playing Games. They don't read much, are far too used to the Treat of a Take-Out, and despite their Mum's insistence would drink Coke all day if they could. Yup, some changes are not for the better, but who knows how they will end up, I don't expect to see all of them grow up - just have to accept what life throws at me. maybe running around having DDT fights with those old Pumpsprays might actually catch up with me!
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