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Ever hear of Jira Marketing?
I was just reading a short article callled "The 10 Most In Demand Skills Right Now You Can Learn From Home". Most of the suggestions are programming related like java, python, etc.

But one of the skills that is supposed to be in big demand is something called "Jira Marketing". Here's what the article says about it:
Quote:23,163 of SHL’s job listing searches included the skill Jira Marketing. Jira Core Cloud enables businesses to visualize marketing tasks and follow them from ‘to-do’ to ‘done’. Being proficient in Jira Marketing can be a valuable investment in time and energy, enabling teams to make the most of marketing projects. Another great skill to learn from home.
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No, I haven't heard of it. Not surprised though as I have been seeing a lot of similar 'marketing applications' popping up all over the web primairly directed at organizations that are transitioning employees out of the office to work at home situations.
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