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Form submission: Help Pheeds Help You Form
(07-03-2020, 06:47 PM)Jeffery Wrote: You do have some resources readily available to you such as your books/eBooks. The books would be your tools to establish you as an "authority" in the niche. Think Amazon at the very least. That is very important and should be a focus of the niche you decide on. If you take away anything from this discussion.. make publishing your works on Amazon a priority.

Jeffery brings up a good point. Fiona already likely has some good assets. How can this content be reused and repurposed? Are there any chapters that can be converted to PDF reports to use as giveaways?

A lot of times it may be better to sell 10 individual chapters as reports instead of as one book.

Are there "chunks" of info in them you can use as tips for social media posts?

Can you narrate the books to convert them to podcasts and Youtube videos?

(07-03-2020, 09:50 PM)fionadarocha Wrote: For myself, I feel that given my book and recent experience, the 'Education Niche' is what I am leaning towards but niching down and using the creative element is where I guess I am coming unstuck.

Who are your target people? Who needs web sites and videos in the education niche and is willing and able to pay for them?

And where exactly will you find these people?

Give these questions some thought...
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