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Form submission: Help Pheeds Help You Form
Hi Fiona...thanks for giving us some's some general thoughts...
(07-02-2020, 09:03 AM)fionadarocha Wrote: Experience: I worked in travel, then having had three children I settled down to working in Infant and Primary schools and went to University to learn how to help Children with Special Needs more effectively. Two Degrees later and 10 years in Education, I left worn out and needing to help family members suffering from cancer and elderly. Now, I am concentrating on helping my husband get out of working in Healthcare, as a consultant, and building up a business for our future.

You definitely has some good qualifications and "authority". A major rule of marketing is to find a need/want. The travel industry is in big trouble and many travel related businesses will need to expand their marketing in order to survive.

A big hurdle is convincing business owners they need to spend MORE money on marketing in bad times. It can be counter-intuitive to spend more money, but the question is, "if you're not getting enough customers now how do you plan on getting them"?
(07-02-2020, 09:03 AM)fionadarocha Wrote: Your Assets: I am an author, looking to publish a book for children, that I had written some time ago and want to publish this year. My husband and I have just created our websites to promote our Digital Agencies - one selling software to gain leads and the other to offer Ad, video and social media services. I have my own website where I want to promote my Freelance services (video and website creation) and of course the site for the character of my book!

I suggest you really "niche down", especially when starting out. For example, market your services to only business owners in the travel niche. This could (and maybe should) be drilled down even further, like B&B owners, tour guides, etc.

Before deciding...where can you find customers? Where EXACTLY do these folks hang out and how can you reach them? Are their LinkedIn groups for B&B owners? Can you find a way to target them with FB ads?

Starting with a specific niche has a number of advantages. It lets you talk specifically to them and address their industry issues. You can also make a video template for this niche and then make some quick modifications to customize it for clients and prospects. You can sell these videos or use them as "ice breakers" and give them to prospects to get a foot in the door.

I haven't had clients in a long time but when I did the most of my clients were from word of mouth. This is a Catch-22 because if you don't have clients they can't give you referals. However, asking for referals should be a major element of your marketing plan...even from people that don't hire you.

One of the best ways to get folks to send you people is to pay them. You can have a casual system were I tell someone to say "Kurt sent me". This will take some trust. Or you can set up a full-fledged affiliate program for your services.

I suggest with your background to consider a focus on something like helping travel businesses survive with the COVID issues. You (and your husband) have the travel and health background and this is an area of extreme need.

No matter what you choose for your focus, I believe the next step is to come up with niche ideas for your video/site biz then spend a full day trying to find how to reach them. Can you find FB audiences? (You don't have to spend now but is this even an option?). Can you find large enough groups of related business owners on LinkedIn? Can you find real influencers in that niche?

Once you feel you have found a market you can reach, then create a free report or free video, etc and set up an email capture page.

...and like learning to play an old blues song, many of these things are simple but they're not easy. Wink
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